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Repurposing and Retooling to Make PPE

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Open-Source PPE Designs


These are open-source designs for face shields, hand sanitizer, face masks, and gowns.

Approved 3D printing designs for face shields and a stop-gap mask:

View 3D Printing Designs

Ohio Manufacturing Alliance injection mold design for head harness and shield:

Download MAGNET CAD models

Home sewn mask design (courtesy of University Hospitals)
Download Home Sewn Mask Design PDF

Loop Mask:

Download Loop Mask Design PDF

Heavier duty sewn mask design (courtesy of Hanes):

Download Heavier Duty Sewn Mask Design PDF

Gown design (courtesy of National Safety Apparel): 

Download Gown Design PDF


Note: No appropriate materials are listed here. Supply of traditional materials like non-woven polypropylenes are in short supply. The typical materials used to produce the gowns are either non-woven, synthetic material such as polypropylene, polyester, or, polyethylene or woven cotton or polyester (with a repellent finish applied if necessary). 

Fabrics that are low absorbent or hygroscopic and that are made from very thin and fine fibers, such as microfibers with irregular surfaces/cross-sections and shorter in length, are preferred. Please review more information about the fabrics used in these gowns.